Why choose us?

Dogs are a pack animal and at Pawfect Days they get chance to live and play as a group of dogs.

Pawfect Days Doggie Day Care & Holiday Camp offers your dog the chance to experience the freedom to run and play in acres of fenced grassland while socialising with other dogs, our staff and doing general fun doggie things! We have paddling pools, ball pools, tunnels, toys and more to keep your dog entertained! Those staying overnight with us are treated as members of the family and stay in our home.

Very few day care facilities offer this luxury of space and certainly do not offer this amount of space anywhere around this area. We do have indoor exercise areas but we love to be out and about because that’s what the dogs want to be doing, and Pawfect Days is all about the dogs! The dogs do not get the same amount of freedom or enrichment being in an indoor area, so if you want to let your dog have fun send them along to us!

We are a small personal day care service offering your dog mountains of fuss and attention as well as exercise and fun. If you are away you can follow your dogs activities via our Facebook page. So you do not have to worry if they are having a good time or not – see for yourself!

We have not one but three fully enclosed exercise areas. Two fields are 3.5 acres each and another is a large all weather exercise area. In addition to all the fun your dog will have in the fenced play fields we have exclusive access to 30 + acres of Pawfect pasture for those dogs achieveing gold trust status or for walks on long lines for the dogs working up to gold trust status, this also gives them the opportunity to swim in the river if they so wish.  Our facilities mean all the dogs get heaps of time doing their favourite things with their best doggie pals and are not exposed to dogs which may upset them, because members of the public do not have access to the areas we use.

All dogs must be assessed before they can be accepted into Pawfect Days and every dog must be up to date with all vaccinations.

Pawfect days is fully insured and licensed by the council.

Dogs of all ages are welcome.

Once your dog has used our holiday camp and day care service they wont want to go anywhere else! We pride ourselves on repeat custom and get most of our work through recommendations from current customers.