What is Pawfect Days?

Pawfect days offers you the opportunity to leave your dog in knowledgable and experienced hands without worry and go off to work, on holiday or wherever you need to go.

We care for your dog by giving them as much exercise as they require, an opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people and then bring them back to you happy, relaxed and content.

Pawfect Days based in Ulnes Walton, Leyland and is run by Gillian who has many years of experience dealing with dogs from all walks of life, and with many different and complex issues. Gillian runs a behavioural business specialising in helping dogs with problems to cope better in our human society.

Pawfect days has been set up to try and encourage dog owners to take more time to think of their dogs needs. Some dogs come to us once or twice a week not because their owners are away but simply to gain confidence and for extra socialisation because their owners struggle to find the time or live in rural areas. Some dogs come to us because they just love to play and their owners love to see them so happy and in safe hands. Some dogs come to us because their owners are away from the home and they do not want to leave them on their on for long periods of time.

What ever the reason you send your dog to us we will work to get it just right for your dog!

All dogs must be assessed before enrolling in day care and dogs with aggression issues cannot be accepted. We take into account nervous dogs and love having rescue dogs join us. Working with these dogs gives us great pleasure, but for the safety of everyone, any dog posing a risk to people or other dogs is not able to be accepted. Unlike many other day care centres no legal breed is discriminated against. Each dog is assessed as an individual and for their own qualities. Owners must highlight any areas of concern before the dog joins day care. No banned breeds are accepted. For  the safety of everyone all dogs must be up to date with innoculations, flea and worm treatments, and proof is required. To make an enquiry please see the contact us page.

From 1st December 2013 no un-neutered male dogs are accepted on day care or for holiday camp. Exceptions are made for puppies but please contact for more details.

See our facebook page: PawfectDaysDoggieDayCareHolidayCamp for highlights of what we get up to!